Andi, often affectionately referred to as the "Dog Lady", is the main caretaker, founder, and owner. She has an extensive background and degree in biology with a concentration in conservation biology, animal behavior and zoology. She has performed several behavioral studies at the Wildlife Conservat ion Society (Bronx Zoo) and results have been presented at university student research forums. She has been involved in wildlife rescue since childhood, studied as a veterinary technician, worked as a veterinary assistant, and also as a kennel worker to the Seeing Eye Dogs. She has also been a responsible breeder of Labrador Retrievers since 1995 and is a graduate of the North Jersey School of Dog Grooming and Shop Management. In 2009 Andi had completed yet another degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Biology. Moreover, she strives to continue volunteer support for organizations like the Humane Society of the United States as well as other wildlife/environmental type of organizations.

Jose, owner #2, was coined "The Dawg Whisperer" long before anyone heard of Cesar Millan, the "Dog Whisperer"! He has a special touch with abused, aggressive, or "psychologically challenged" canines. This ability may stem back to his native Mexico, where dealing with feral street dogs was an everyday encounter. He has had much experience with canine husbandry both in Mexico and the US. His caring expertise extends to many other animal personalities and species and has always been evident in his work.

They both, along with other family members, continue to bring you over 40 years of studying and caring for animals. We are a family owned business and believe in quality of care over quantity of customers. We will never send strange employees to your house. We are not part of a franchise. What you see is what you get....a new TRUSTED FRIEND for your loved pet!